Monday, April 21, 2014

My Sloan-C Twitter feed Reflections @et4online

The Sloan-C conference for Emerging Technologies in Dallas was yet another great conference from Sloan. This was my second Sloan conference and my first time to present at a Sloan Conference. The keynotes were very thought provoking and the sessions I attended were great. A few of the sessions I attended included:
- The Best Presentation on Faculty Burnout You've Ever Seen - Guaranteed with @BrianUdermann
- Using Blogging Portfolios to Improve Student Achievement with @drdavidwicks 
- Networks of Care & Conflict: Academics' Online Participation with @veletsianos
- Engaging Digital Natives w/Free Technology with @adesinamedia & @lfranklin
- Twelve Strategies to Promote Online Growth While Ensuring Quality with @BrianUdermann
 If you follow me on twitter you were undoubtedly inundated with tweets from these sessions (and more) as well as those from the two presentations I gave and the keynotes. Those of us tweeting at the conference #et4online also had some great backchannel discussions here and there throughout the conference. Hopefully at my session we got even more academics plugged into the backchannel on Twitter and the next Sloan conference will have that many more participating.

My favorite story of the week occurred after my session on "So I have a Twitter Account...Now What?" A father who attended the session came up and shared with me...
Great story, 1 of my session attendees created a twitter account & it suggested he follow-his 13 yr old-he didn't know had a twitter

A great story, but also a great reminder that we need to understand digital citizenship because if we don't...who is going to teach it to our kids? For far to many the answer right now is no one!

As I go back through the tweets @ #et4online the best part is getting all the perspectives & info from other sessions I was not in. Hopefully in the same way I helped others out who were not in sessions I attended. With the twitter community growing in #highered, conferences become more and more valuable and presenters reach extends further as we tweet thoughts beyond the confines of the session room walls. Below are some highlights from my twitter feed of ideas, perspectives, & resources from myself and others. Hope you enjoy and find value!

 Apr 8 
Boarding my flight for Dallas, looking 4ward 2 a great week follow the conf. @

 Apr 9 
Stress is often perceived ~ reduce it through sleep, excercise, and being able to say "No"

Instructors should strive for balanced posts &the right amount of posts when it comes to Discussion Boards

Myths become reality when you don't check credible sources...remind stdnts...remind faculty...remind urself

Did someone say MESS? MT : created messy learning environment
Laughter is good for ur health, it improves social connection. Can improving sc improve ur clssrm?=Laughter can improve ur clssrm

Question:How many people have taken a MOOC and not finished? *All hands in room go up!*

?: how many have learned something from a MOOC they didn't finish? Knowledge doesn't always come from completion.

And how many learned nothing from the time contributed to it? You’re right though… could go both ways.

As an ID I enroll in some just to see different styles, often not worried about content

That's one of the reasons I join MOOC as well. I must like topic too through

Attention online teachers: your course is more than a bunch of PDFs! We need you in there, too!

Over 700 on site in Dallas & over 1000 attending online - these show value in keeping its own conference not combining

Ha Ha, just found my 1st class ~page from 2004, googled it right up, haven't been there in 10 years

Learning comes more from exploring than enforcing

Every student and faculty member at gets their own domain for $4.95, costs institution $50K/yr

"No tool can do everything." says If you think that & you're not embracing the broader web spectrum then u're the tool

Perhaps we can have a hybrid approach? Open Web + LMS?

yes, I think that's the goal, don't stick ur head in the sand, but don't be scared of the beach

of the day: "If I'd had some set idea of a finish line, don't you think I would have crossed it years ago?" ~Bill Gates

Teaching Online is a journey...don't expect 2 reach the end of the road, pack ur bags & don't forget ur flexibility

I write code to solve my problems Kids should learn to code like the need to learn how to work a screwdriver.

"Teachers who give up the idea they have 2b the delivery meadia will find time 2 reach & grow stdnts" ~

What is a blog? - Personal Journal, Personal Website, Sharing ur writing ~ Do ur stdnts share their writing?

Why Blog? Reflection/Chronologically Organized/Popular Tool/Tagging/Data Mashup/Communication/Integrated Standards

Blogging gives stdnts a real world audience & the ability 2 reflect. They establish a positive that's important

What do stdnts blog about? Assigned Prompt/Learning Objectives/Let them decide, don't structure the blog 2 much, let them

By blogging w/tags stdnts have 2 think through main points, words, thoughts that stick out & can b tagged

Have stdnts promote their blogs via twitter, facebook, & Linkedin 2 increase a professional presence & make contacts

With Online training require virtual meetings model examples of how fac can interact through an online presence

We expect our cars, TV's, & phones 2 have the latest upgrades, we shouldn't complain when stdnts expect the same from our courses

Google apps are used a lot by students for online group work - as is Prezi

now that Prezi allows real time collaboration it has become as awesome tool 4 that


no Hulk teaching care about others no cram down throats info stdnts can get on google

Proctor Owl in the dining room watching us eat...a bit creepy
50 min. 2 get everyone up to Tweed let's start "So I have a Twitter Account...Now What" follow @  

If you can let them know about on Tuesdays at 8pm EST. It is for T's to talk pedagogy

Listening to (Keith O'Neal) talk about Twitter - sent my first Tweet out from a conference presentation this morning (-:

- Twitter can b like drinking from a fire hydrant - relax & get what u get, don't throw a fit

Web 2.0 Never Forgets - Developing a Professional Digital Footprint by

Are u creating ur digital identity or is it being created 4 u? If u haven't worked 2 create it u may be surprised what is there

To teach as myself I must let my students see who I am. Great quotes!

Has ur course depreciated? Has it been punted along? Get motivated to refresh! All good thoughts being shared

Do u have Dinosaur's in ur course (out of touch, stale activities, expired)? Don't phone it in...refresh it

Dispel the myth that one post & two replies is the legacy of online courses. Try a

Hearing what I firmly believe building community online is essential 2 an interactive & innovative course.

We need to be personal & REAL with our students. Brene Brown talks more about the power of vulnerability.

Don't use tech 4 tech sake, just 4 bells & whistles, w/o realworld connection, b/c u assume stdnts luv it. ground it in

People want to interact with humans not tech… don’t dehumanize your Twitter persona or become unreachable.

Shake it up & check out resources/apps/learning activities 4 ur course

Curiosity drives mess and therefore drives creativity...

find the passion to go beyond the facts--teach with passion and funnel it to students

Why embrace mess? Explore your own curiosity - fall in love.

We cannot unbundle life experiences from the student's learning experience. So true!

There's value 2 coloring inside the lines & value coloring outside, the key is 2 have balance & not be rigid either way

How to Promoting Online Ed & Ensure Quality 1) Centralize Online Education, someone needs 2b in charge & bring order

How to Promoting Online Ed & Ensure Quality 2)Create an online advisory board

How to Promoting Online Ed & Ensure Quality 3)Hire an Instructional Designer ~

The more instructional designers the better, they are worth their weight in gold ~

How to Promoting Online Ed & Ensure Quality 4)Create an Online Policy handbook for ur institution how's,why's,?

How to Promoting Online Ed & Ensure Quality 5) Create an online education fact book

How 2 Promote Online Ed & Ensure Quality 6) Create faculty buy-in

How 2 Promote Online Ed & Ensure Quality 7) Offering faculty PD opportunities for growth in online learning

How 2 Promote Online Ed & Ensure Quality 9) Be abnormal have fun/b creative/share

I think IDs should take courses in topics they are interested in at their own schools, be a student and be an ID - better results

How 2 Promote Online Ed & Ensure Quality 10) Offer online help & services 2 distance stdnts, interact & serve

How 2 Promote Online Ed & Ensure Quality 11) Treat online & face 2face equally as much as u can

How 2 Promote Online Ed & Ensure Quality 12) Have an online course review process in place

How 2 Promote Online Ed & Ensure Quality...13) Remember One size does not fit all do what is right 4 ur institutions

Hope going through my reflection was beneficial for you, it was for me. See more of the feed at . Thanks to Dallas & to Sloan-C for a great conference! I'll leave you with this quote.

of the day: "Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." ~ Anthony J. D'Angelo