Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Twitter reflections from #OETC14

     This was my 8th Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC) in a row and as always it was great. However, it was the first time I found myself commuting from outside the state to get there. Not to many people in Tennessee questioned the fact I was going to Orlando for FETC, but I got a few weird looks when expressing my excitement to attend a conference in snow covered January...when it was -8. None the less if you have never been to OETC I would highly recommend it to any educator.

     This year we had the pleasure of listening to Kevin Honeycutt  who in my humble opinion gave one of the best keynotes I have ever heard. If you have never heard Kevin speak take a moment when you have an hour and watch the youtube of one of his keynotes. If you are an educator or interested in learning & creativity it will be very motivational. Then make sure to follow him on google +Kevin Honeycutt or twitter @kevinhoneycutt

Seriously, if not now, come back to this video later or watch it for staff/faculty PD, it'll be a great hour of motivation.

     Now on to my twitter debrief as I pick out some of the highlights from #OETC14. Thanks to all the tweeters who made the backchannel at OETC a great source of collaboration & creativity.

Why am I flying up north tomorrow? B/C & are worth facing the cold for!

That awkward moment when you meet your twitter followers in person: make it happen @ and

Peer review really helps prepare students for the real world of evaluation, collaboration, adjusting, refining, and presenting

"You never know where students just came from...don't assume" ~

"You don't learn unless u do something in class, liberate urself, flip ur class & do something w/students"

"I'm not smart but my network is brilliant, I have 27K minds in my back pocket, Twitter, are u connected?"

"Students are snacking on the ideas of others, but not having their own" ~

"Use-lease Agreement" 1ce/wk Show us something on your laptop we are proud of, and we let you use it.

Getting students to realize their actions online will effect how they are viewed now...and in the future is critical

Nice job way to feel the beat with @

If you want to find the best teacher in the school? Find the one thats in trouble.

We are missing something by not having student musicians providing the AM tunes. Bring them back.

If you can't tweet it, it's too long for a powerpoint slide.

"Even if we don't want to change, we don't have a choice anymore" ~

Don’t spoil learning with “over facilitation” Love that

I love the concept of curating awesomeness. Thanks Learning is messy!

Kick the BUTs out of education.

In ur classrm have u moved from the "what's" 2 the "why's & how's" foster creative learning, stdnts can get "what" on google!

RT : The real work is creating assignments that you can't google -

Gotta love lots of resources for all!

Thx tweeters, I've got 2 head south, but keep 'em coming. Heading 2 present @

Help us win the digital learning day video contest. We appreciate your vote. We are the 1st vid.

Feel free to share this online course about in w/ your followers. Sharing in my session.

Hope you enjoyed, the tweets, thanks to all who shared via twitter at #OETC14