Thursday, September 19, 2013

Where there is no vision, the people perish

New  Browns Helmets
     Yesterday after being in a Lipscomb Connect session all day with no access to the sports world I got in my van to enjoy some sports talk radio and the pleasant commute home in Nashville traffic. As I turned on WNSR 560 Sports Radio I almost wrecked the van turning onto Belmont. TRENT RICHARDSON had been what??? Traded, why do you trade your former first round stud 20-25 carry a game workhorse franchise running back a year into his new contract? The answer is pure stupidity coupled by lack of clear direction! Now I do not throw around the word stupidity lightly, but to quote a great philosopher "Stupid is as Stupid does".

     In light of this news I have officially decided to rescind my dedicated allegiance to the Browns and change the course of my families fan history. Being new to the Nashville area my family is now all in on the Titans. Now I realize this may not be much of a step up, but last weekend I heard Dave Ramsey on the radio say if you wouldn't buy the stock at what you could sell it for currently then sell. When it comes to the Browns I think I speak for most when I yell, SELL, SELL, SELL. I am tired of being a part of a fan base that is always proved wrong when we say "it can't get any worse". The Titans stock is low at the moment, so I will buy low and hey, "it can't get any worse" right?
I don't want to end up like the man who requested Cleveland Browns pallbearers in his will so they could "let him down one more time". True Story
How does this apply to educational technology? Well I could go on ranting for awhile, but let me make a loose connection since this is an educational technology blog.

With my kids in our new Titan garb!
     Change is something that is often feared, but often necessary. Change can be viewed as bad or good and sometimes both depending on your perspective. The key is making the right changes to move yourself, your students, your department, your institution, and your community forward. Having the insight to see what is on the horizon, what tools are at your disposal, and what changes will lead to where you want to go is critical. There are those who inspire change, but never do because they don't know where they are going. They provide life lessons of doing it wrong but never seem to "get it". There are others who inspire change because they have a clear vision of where they are going and how to get there. People try to follow their patterns because they prove them to be a success time and again.

     Inspire Change because you have the vision to lead. Don't inspire change because you are misguided and doomed to FAIL. Leaders are needed in the realm of Educational Technology. There are many options, many pathways, many tools, tricks, and tips. Jumping to the latest and greatest is not always wise. Giving up on decisions you researched and planned too soon can lead to a pattern of indecisiveness if you are not careful. (Browns take note) If you always think the next option will be better, than you never take the time to develop what you currently have and that can be dangerous. If you jump ship too many times you forget which direction you are going and your passengers end up lost and confused. Having a solid vision and knowledge base to lead yourself, your classroom, your department, your institution, and your community in the right direction is critical.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" ~Proverbs 29:18