Monday, September 23, 2013

Teaching Online (Part-XIV) - Conclusion: Feed the Beast

   Often knowing where to start is the toughest part of most tasks in life, but once you get started do not allow bumps, detours, or the occasional porcupine get in your way.

     If you currently teach online hopefully this series caused you to think, evaluate, and reflect on your current courses. If you are brand new or getting ready to test the online waters hopefully it gave you some food for thought. Wherever you are in your online journey it is important to note that learning never stops. The online space/world is always changing, often challenging, but ultimately improving our ability to teach effectively online. The that we continue to evolve and improve with the technology. Always adapting to change because after all, change is the only constant.

     One of the newer football celebrations has caught my eye, and I love the premise. When you see a football player get a sack or score a touchdown they sometimes pretend to spoon feed themselves. The idea of wanting more, never being satisfied, feeding the beast within. When it comes to technology we can choose to hang out on the bench being content to watch the action on the field...(knowing what eventually happens to those who ride the bench), or we can have an insatiable appetite to always want more, always improve, and never be content with the fact that we "know enough".

Find the hunger, find the passion, and feed the beast!

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