Monday, September 9, 2013

September 11th - Never Forget

     Wednesday is a day of remembrance in our nation, and every year students know less and less about that day. This year the average college Freshman was only 6 years old in 2001. How quickly time passes without us realizing it.

     On 9-11 I myself was a student at Lipscomb University where, now 12 years later, I find myself working.  I had class with Dr. Hooper that morning and found myself in the basement of Burton when the secretary came in and told us to turn in the TV.  The first plane had just hit and they were speculating as to what had happened. I'll never forget as they were discussing seeing the second plane fly in live on TV and crash, then news of the third plane at the Pentagon, and word of the 4th in Pennsylvania. Would there be a 5th, a 6th? Everyone was waiting, but what we did know was that life had changed. 

     After 9-11 I began the process of collecting pictures & newspaper headlines from that day. In 2003, my first year teaching, I created the following video below to make sure that I did and continue to do my part to never forget the loss, sacrifice, and heartache of September 11, 2001.

     As Educators, we have a special opportunity to remember that day with our students both young and old to share with them what it was like. Few K-12 students have memories other than what they have learned in school and HigherEd students barely remember the events. Are you doing your part to continue that learning, remembering, and reflection? Please join me by taking 20 min. out of your day to remember 9/11 on Wednesday and watch this video. Better yet, watch it with and talk to your students, share what that day was like for you, possibly even assign for them to find out from relatives what that day was like. For those students that do not have memories, give them memories. Continue to remember, Never Forget!

Please share this with someone special, let them know they are special, and tell them thank you. We are blessed with the moments we get and too often take them for granted. Make sure those around you NEVER FORGET!