Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Our kids waiting for us to run by!
     Education talk can wait for a day....

     What more can be said about the tragic events that took place in Boston yesterday.  As a 5-time Marathoner myself (once with a finish time of 4:09) I simply can't imagine the pain & suffering.  Especially that of the father whose 8 year old son died seconds after trying to give his dad a high-five as he was finishing.  Just this past weekend I ran the Athens Marathon with two friends and high-fived my own 8 year old son several times during the first half of the race while our kids were cheering us on.  Few things in life are as uplifting as coming around the bend seeing your kids jumping up and down cheering you on.  My 8 year old son has grown up stretching with me before races, being pushed through many a race, and always hugging me at the end sweat and all.  I am hard pressed to even begin to imagine how that father is feeling right now.

     I heard it said that on the radio today that "Freedom is unfortunately the greatest weapon of those whose intent is to do harm.  It is also what makes this country so great."  What empowers us often is the thing that cripples us.  I am so grateful to the men who got it for us, to the men & women who protect it for us, & to those who use it to benefit us. It is a tragedy when some use it to harm us, but they are the extreme minority and we as a nation have never allowed them to paralyze us.  Freedom is a gift, an each one of us must decide what they will do with the gift.    

     No words can explain the tragedy & for those involved comfort and answers, at the moment, are hard to find.  For the rest of us it is a reminder of how precious our moments are and why we should appreciate & cherish them.  I am thankful for my family, friends, coworkers, & all of you out there.  Thank you!