Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun with PhotoShop: Be Creative

     Photoshop is one of those types of programs you use all the time or hardly at all.  While I do not use it very often, I had a little fun the other day creating some new logos for our Cross Country program.  As you can see from the pic, Raider Ed has been working out!

     Why stop there though?  Some teachers had been asking for some different Raider logos & I thought you know it's good to change outfits every now & then, let's do it!  So below are a few of the new Raider Logos I created for some Friday fun.

     There is application to the classroom though, being creative, having fun, that is what makes learning addictive.  Don't get caught up in always doing the same thing or teaching the same way.  Give your students opportunities to be creative & most will get addicted to learning. Here is another tweet from EdCamp Columbus last Saturday that I feel rings very true & the more I've reflected on it, the more I fully back it.

Keith W. O'Neal ‏@RaiderEducation
If u inspire ur stdts 2create, become questioners, they will become great learners. Don't fear, inspire! Don't worry,Just Teach! #EdCampCbus

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Friday & have a great weekend!
Green Eggs & Ham anyone?
Raider Education
Night on the town or impersonating Lincoln!
Time to grab the bull by the horns & talk slower.
Time to get to work!
I cheer for the Bucks, what you thought I was an East Carolina fan? 
Nope, OH - 
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