Thursday, March 7, 2013

EdCamp Columbus 2013

     The 2nd Annual EdCamp Columbus is here!  Saturday @ Gahanna Lincoln Clark Hall the fun begins starting at 9am.

     Last year most came not really knowing what to expect, but just about everyone left with a positive experience excited to go back to their districts with new ideas, tools, & support from their new connections!

     There were four of us from Reynoldsburg last year & in fact I'll admit going in we were not sure what to expect at all.  We discussed on the car ride over that when we went for lunch we would decide if we wanted to call it a day or if it would be worth going back.  When lunch time came around it was unanimous we weren't about to leave, we had to see how the rest of the day went.  We did not want to miss out.  This year all four of us are coming back & we are bringing more with us to share the experience.

     In a word the reason I love EdCamp is "Fresh".  Without prepared presentations, keynotes, or the dreaded vendor session everything is very laid back, informative, discussion based, & seemingly "Fresh".  The sessions are filled with discussion, not lecture based like the typical conference. Through discussion you get to know others, collaborate & make contacts that you might not ever make at a typical session.  Gone are the days of only discussing potential ideas with the teacher down the hall, but for those who are still hesitant to collaborate with someone they've never met, EdCamp presents a great opportunity to meet other educators.  (Although, I've never heard of a Catfish scandal involving the discussion of differentiated learning or flipping your classroom).

     It's not to late to sign up and go to the EdCamp Columbus site for more information or sign up now only 139 tickets remain!!!  Would love to see you there, I'll be the one with the eye patch & wooden not really!
A shout out & big thanks to this years sponsors, it can't be done without them!!!