Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ohio eTech Reflections

     Well Ohio eTech has come to an end & as I sit back & reflect it was a very productive conference this year.  A big part of what I feel makes it successful for me is the twitter element.  I get so much more out of a conference than I used to because of following the backchannel on Twitter.  BT (Before Twitter) if I sat down in a not so "what I had hoped for" session I either had to suffer through or try to make my not so graceful exit.  AT (After Twitter) I can now simply enjoy all the other sessions being tweeted about & still perhaps catch a nugget or two from the one I'm in despite its level of engagement.  Some times I even find myself checking twitter during my own sessions, after all I now have twitter induced ADHD & one session simply does not suffice my thirst for learning.

     All that said I wanted to go back through my twitter notes, @RaiderEducation & on a few of the more interesting conference hashtags including #OETC13, #OETCx, #OETCpln13, and reflect on some of the best quotes, share some of the best links, take a look at a few of the best comments.  I plan to write a few other blogs based on specifics, but wanted to share the besties all together!  So here it goes, the best of the Ohio Educational Technology Conference through the eyes of @RaiderEducation.

First here is a little of what I picked out of my Twitter notes from #OETC13 especially from the Keynotes:

Great Quotes:
  • "Education is a far better cause than eCommerce" @AndrewYNg
  • "Education should be about helping students to succeed"@AndrewYNg
  • "The 24 hour period b4 HW is due traffic spikes proving procrastination is a global phenomenon" ~ @AndrewyNg
  • “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”― Plutarch via @AndrewYNg
  • "Great to see a lot of people getting out of their comfort zones to share important ideas with us" ~@CleveCat
  • "The flipped classroom model will allow for stronger professor-student relationships that we consider sacred" ~@AndrewYNg via +eTech Ohio 
  • "Stop making kids learn how we teach, start teaching how they learn." ~ @drjcm
  • "We can't compete w/neighboring districts anymore, we have 2 work together" ~ @drjcm
  • "There is no silver bullet for education, every district, every building, every student is different."
  • "Parents & students want choice, let's stop complaining that they want it & explore how we can give it!" ~ @drjcm
  • "If students don't have Internet access outside the classroom, it's not 1:1."~ Roger Minier via @schinker
  • "Be careful not to dismiss what is steadily getting better through innovation"~ @hstaker 
Great Resources:
   Now for the fun with #OETCx  big props to @eTech_Ohio for allowing something a bit different to take place. It was a huge success & some of the best sessions & discussions of conference took place in those three rooms.  Here is a little of what I picked out of my Twitter notes from #OETCx:

Funniest Quote: "I don't have any doggle problems!" ~said so many times I forget who said it first.

Best Quote: "Give me the tool and I will make it work" ~ @MrMacRaild

Best Sad but True Quote: "The teacher lounge is the #1 place where bullying takes place, don't let others stop you from taking risks" ~ +Toby Fischer

Best Motivational Quote: "People with a fixed mindset fear failure, if you fear, how can you expect your student not to fear, lead them" @mr_rcollins

Best video: A Pep Talk from Kid President to you,

Best App: Sketch Nation Studio - shown to me by @MaxBrooks1

Best Picture: from @rgallwitz


Hope you enjoyed the reflections as much as I did.  Can't wait to blog about specifics from some of the sessions I attended.