Thursday, January 3, 2013

Twitter Post 2013, a look back at this Twits Tweets

   As I get ready to post Tweet number 2013 in 2013 I thought I would take a look back at some of my best or favorite Twitter posts of all time (The last two years but all time sure does sound better).  Whether a simple quote, a resource, article, or thought, here are some of the best Tweets this Twit has Tweeted.  If you have not ever gone back through your own tweets give it a try.  It is really fun & you get reminded of what you have learned.  Enjoy!

If I'm looking down I'm engaged, if I'm looking u in the eyes u havn't given me anything to tweet about yet!  

4 Great Twitter Applications for Teachers Using Twitter In The Classroom 

Public Schools & the Taliban r the only ones not to embrace YouTube, even the Pope has a channel   

Being creative & not sticking to the standard is how we won the American Revolution. ;) 

Guess that's why we lost most of the battles, but won the war. Can we get students to lose the battles but win the war??? 

 of the day:"Ugly truth, policy comes from those who arn't in a classroom!"~  

I'm not interested in "integrating technology into the classroom" anymore. How does tech fundamentally change school? 

"We, meaning teachers, are the most important tech in the classroom" ~ Bret Gensburg 

Would u b engaged as a student in ur own class? Think about it!

Hilarious Hitler video shown by  in her transforming Ed session: Must Watch   

Vulnerability make innovation & creativity possible...principals do u allow ur teachers to be vulnerable?   

90% of adults remember a teacher who made them feel worthy, 85% remember a teacher who shamed them, which 1 r u?  

Think on your students only consume or do u allow them 2 create? 

If u have a tech savy student do u open urself up 2 using them as a resource? Learn together b engaged together. 

Can you teach me how to learn by showing me I can fail...if not ur limiting my potential!!!  

IT guy in reference to working with those who our tech-illiterate..."I love those people, they are why I have a job!"  

Why most teachers don’t know what they don’t know. 

Will students need social media skills 2 succeed in today's world? YES. Use it, infuse it, just teach them not to abuse it! 

Teachers expect students 2 learn...students should expect teachers 2 b willing 2 learn, it goes both ways   

Building Titanic app 4 iPad has good reviews, except that it crashes a lot...quite funny! 

Two Kinds of Stupid: Digital Footprint video all 7-12 students should see.      

"I needed a password eight charaters long so I picked Snow White & the Seven Dwarves." ~Nick Helm   

 of the day: “In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” ~Robert Frost

 they make the argument about "good teaching is possible w/o tech" when it should b "r we preparing kids the best we can"

 of the day: "I now have the same number of Tour De France titles as Lance Armstrong" ~