Thursday, January 31, 2013

Twitter: "Fat guy in a little coat" ?
   #FAILWHALE - what, yes today while trying to connect many of us got the Twitter Fail Whale stating that Twitter was over capacity.  While many of us have been sticking to those New Year resolutions & shedding the pounds, it appears Twitter continues to grow.  To quote my favorite film of all time it appears Twitter is a:

"Fat guy in a little coat"

     If you are like me you can't read that without singing it a little bit.  None the less unlike when we need larger pant sizes, this is not a bad thing.  So Twitter techs get on it, let out those pants & get yourself a bigger belt.  Keep up the good growth and lets all do our part to make sure this is a constant problem they have to address.

     Here is the best tweet I have seen at #overcapacity.  You have to admit the feat is pretty impressive!!!

Laur ‏@IharoldObsessed
Nothing is impossible! Twitter proves it by showing you that 8 birds can carry a fat whale. #overcapacity

Here is the official statement from twitter's help page:

Twitter is over capacity
"This message likely means that our servers are being bogged down by a high volume of Tweets. Wait a little while, then refresh your browser to try loading the page again. If you continue to see the whale error page (below) repeatedly during a short period of time, please check out our Status Blog, where we keep you updated about site outages and issues. Thanks for your patience!"

Hopefully by the time I finish writing this I'll be able to get on & post it.  Dream the impossible dream my friends, if Whales can fly anything is possible!