Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tech Resources 101: Start Climbing

Pic from @mcleod - http://dangerouslyirrelevant.org/
     Are you hanging on the technology cliff or still at base camp wondering how to get started?  At least if you are reading this post you havn't packed up & headed home, so the fact you are still at base camp is a plus.  Perhaps you have not started climbing because you're wondering, "How will I ever get to the top?"  Good/Bad news is you never will, but once you accept that fact then it is all about the journey, not the destination.
     Innovation & new resources will never stop coming, but as you climb the experiences & opportunities you provide for your students will give you a new outlook on education.  If you ask those that are climbing I think they would all agree that the air is fresher up here.  It is frustrating to look down & see others not climbing, but there is nothing more encouraging than seeing a colleague strap up their boots, grab some hooks, & join you on the mountain.
     If you are looking for a way to get started check out some of these 5 great sites/blogs/resources below & bring encouragement to those in your school who are already climbing.  You never know, maybe you'll inspire someone else to turn around & come back to base camp, & join you on the mountain.

Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne
This blog is the best out there for current resources often coupled with ideas of how to use them.  Great part is this is his blog so he is constantly putting out new posts/resources daily.  Follow Richard on Twitter @rmbyrne

50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About by edudemic
Here you will find 50 great tools to look though & add to your tech tool belt.  Categories include: Social Learning, Learning, Lesson Planning & Tools, Useful Tools.  You won't walk away empty handed from this article.

Box of Tricks is an Educational Technology site that has a list of A-Z resources.  This site has over 200+ resources with explanations of each one. That means there are enough to pick one to use every day or one a month during the school year for 25 years!  

Technology in the Classroom: Resources for Teachers by Teacher Vision
This site has a plethora of resources labeled under different categories.  Categories include: Whiteboard Mini-Lessons, PowerPoint Resources, Digital Books, Word Processing Resources, Best of the Web, Internet Resources, Videos, Integrating Technology, Internet Safety, Online Games, Technology Resources

Eduhound.com is your educational technology resource.  They have a numerous collections of topic-based online educational resources.  Look through their sets or categories & follow them on Twitter @EduHound

Please feel free to add more sites or links to resources in the comments below.  Share so we all can benefit!