Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Learning w/ Education City.com K-6

     Took a look at Education City today, an online content provider for Pre-K through 6th grade. Over the last six months we have been looking at online content providers for our elementary schools & out of all the ones out there, in my opinion, Education City is in the top two along with Compass Learning. Quick disclaimer, it is not free, but the building license per year is fairly reasonable.  As always, you can usually piece a lot of web 2.0 tools together to equal, but Education City packages activities, tests, & interactive resources all together in one place with  student data & tracking.  Making access easy for your teachers & your students.

     In their own words, Education City "provides lesson starters, interactive reinforcement activities, tests, individualized remediation, and reporting for progress monitoring".  All of this is mapped to both state standards & Common Core. To take a quick tour watch the video below.

          The best feature in my mind (if you have IWB's) was their "topic tools" which are interactive white board based resources.  They have these created for each subject area provided.  For example Science topic tools include things like: Food Web, Mind Map, Evaporation, Habitats, Magnets, Body Systems, Force Meter, Grow a Plant, & more.  Math topic tools include: Angles, Money, Area & Perimeter, Grids, Charts, Number Lines, Symmetry  Thermometers, Volume & Surface Area, Fractions, Time, Mental Math, and more.  Language Arts topic tools include: Sentence Builder, Story Scape, Idea Generator, Word Wheels, Sound it out, & many more.  All of these topic tools can be used without an IWB, but with one they become great for whole class participation, learning, & review.

     One of the negatives that I didn't like was that with the site license it seems that while teachers get access at home students do not.  For a web based product it would be nice to see an option that allowed student log-in access from home.  Without that, this product is limited to the school day/building.

   Those are my thoughts, to check it out yourself & get a free trial of Education City click here