Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't fly off the "Treadmill": The 3P approach

     Do you ever feel as if you are falling off the treadmill?  The "Treadmill" can take on many different names.

*The Treadmill of Life *Education Treadmill *Technology Treadmill *Parenting Treadmill *Dating Treadmill *Dieting Treadmill *Student Treadmill *Political Treadmill  (so on & so on)

     The fact is all of us have multiple areas of our lives & for numerous reasons we often feel as if we cannot keep up the pace that is being set.  Why is it that we often feel as if we are flying off the proverbial "Treadmill"?

     In order to stay on your various "Treadmills" I recommend the 3P approach; Purpose, Plan, & Practice.  For the purpose of this blog I am thinking through my Educational Technology lens,  but I believe these can be applied to any "Treadmill" in your life.
  • Purpose - For everything you do, have a purpose.  Always ask yourself why am I doing this & let the answer guide you forward.  If you don't have an answer, perhaps you need to rethink why you are doing it or learn more to understand why you are doing it (or why it is being required of you).  Running on the "Treadmill" will get tiring, difficult, & even painful.  If you don't have/understand the purpose you are more likely to give up when it begins to get tough. If you understand the purpose you will have motivation to hang in there & endure through the tough times.
  • Plan - Once you understand the purpose for getting on the "Treadmill" you need to come up with a plan.  As the saying goes, "those who fail to plan, plan to fail".  Don't just jump on & hope for the best.  As you will see in the second video below that often leads to epic fails!  What speed will you go, how steep an incline will you set, do you have water or towel nearby, is your iTunes playlist set, how will you get help if needed?  All of these are questions to think about & apply however they relate to the particular "Treadmill" you are running on.
  • Practice - Purpose gives you the drive, Planning gives you the opportunity, but continual practice is the only way you become proficient.  Don't start out at 10 mph & then get frustrated when you fall off.  Stay consistent & do things again, & again, & again.  As you practice you will gain confidence & the "Treadmill" will be come less work & more fun.  You will make things that were once difficult (& still often times are) appear easy.
     Take a few minutes (it's well worth it) & watch the two videos below.  They both include treadmills, but in very different ways.  Analyze & think about the differences between the two videos as well as what they represent.

OK Go - Here It Goes Again
Here we have guys who had a purpose, planned out what they wanted to do, & no doubt practiced until they made it look easy!

The Ultimate Treadmill Fails Compilation

Here we have instances where little purpose, planing, or practicing have taken place.  The results are predictable & hilarious.

Have Purpose, Plan, & Practice for all your "Treadmills" in life & just maybe you will have a bit easier time staying on & accomplishing your goals!